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DG Studio | Our Thoughts

What is SEO?

dgstudio MARKETING | 02/23/2018

SEO is an essential tool to increase the number of searches on a particular website. Therefore it also allows potentializing clients. As mentioned before, its use simplifies the decision-making process of the buyer. Likewise, it also reduces transaction’s time for both the buyers and the producers (companies offering a product or service) which translates into lowering of costs for both. Not to mention the short term and long term benefits that SEO provides them. Such as the buyer or client fulfilling his/her personalized needs after a brief search online because SEO serves as a guide by providing online visibility of the product or service that the buyer is searching for; resulting as a short-term benefit. By meeting the client’s needs, 

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The importance of branding

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 02/23/2018

Venture Capitalist Mark Suster advises start-up companies, “If you don’t define your personal brand, the market will.” "I have long advised startup companies that if you don’t control your message, somebody else will, and your potential customers will form impressions 

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Creating a visual language

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 02/08/2018

There is an important element that your brand must have in order to create a visual language: an aesthetic logo design that communicates clearly with the target audience and gives it a memorable experience.

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