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Five key elements to begin creating a great website

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 03/05/2018

There are five main components that go into creating a great website: a solid website layout, the right color scheme, great images, compelling web fonts, and simple navigation. All of these five elements must complement one another. That means that if you omit one, the entire web design will suffer.

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Creating a Marketing Strategy

dgstudio MARKETING | 03/05/2018

Identifying and then communicating the benefits that your business offers to your target market should be the purpose of your marketing strategy.  The first step is to do an honest SWOT analysis, observing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. At this point,  it is recommended to conduct market research on your existing customers; this can help you see the big picture of your reputation in the marketplace.

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Search Engine Optimization

dgstudio MARKETING | 03/02/2018

SEO is an essential process that helps you increase the number of searches on your website and as a consequence potentialize possible clients. Positioning in Google, one of the top global search engines is one of the objectives when using SEO. Several factors play an important role in web positioning, some of them are optimization of HTML code, an optimized web design for desktop and mobile devices,  the identification of the right keywords and original web content. Furthermore,  unique and well-developed content is part of the SEO process that affects the online visibility of a website or webpage in a web search engine’s results.   

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