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DG Studio | Our Thoughts

The secrets of brand development

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 09/27/2018

A brand’s development is a vital step in creating your brand’s identity. It’s a blueprint which consists of purpose, consistency and emotional impact.

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Finding your brand’s essence

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 09/20/2018

Finding your brand’s essence is a process of discovering what your business is all about, its nature, qualities, and attributes. Overall, it’s what your brand stands for and its personality. It is the first thing a person might say to describe it.  

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The art of brand positioning

dgstudio MARKETING | 09/13/2018

The look and feel that gives a style and tone to your business is just one aspect that helps you establish your brand identity and remain recognizable to your target market.

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Five reasons why it may be time to rebrand your business

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 09/06/2018

The objective of rebranding is to change the public's perception of your brand without losing your essence. Rebranding can bring high costs due to website updates, logo refresh, imagery, promotional material, slogan, advertisements and so forth; however, if done right a rebrand can create a new personality, establish your brand within a different market, and impressively expand your business' horizons. 

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