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Category: design-branding

The secrets of brand development

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 09/27/2018

A brand’s development is a vital step in creating your brand’s identity. It’s a blueprint which consists of purpose, consistency and emotional impact.

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Finding your brand’s essence

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 09/20/2018

Finding your brand’s essence is a process of discovering what your business is all about, its nature, qualities, and attributes. Overall, it’s what your brand stands for and its personality. It is the first thing a person might say to describe it.  

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Five reasons why it may be time to rebrand your business

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 09/06/2018

The objective of rebranding is to change the public's perception of your brand without losing your essence. Rebranding can bring high costs due to website updates, logo refresh, imagery, promotional material, slogan, advertisements and so forth; however, if done right a rebrand can create a new personality, establish your brand within a different market, and impressively expand your business' horizons. 

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Discover why your potential customers are leaving your site

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 07/26/2018

You have created what you consider a great website with all the best details in mind: a captivating copy, perfected product images, and overall a professional web design. And thanks to your marketing strategies, you’re getting traffic to your site. So, why is it that a large number of your visitors are not converting into leads and customers? Why are they leaving your site? Consider if you are making any of the following mistakes to cause visitors not to stick around:

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Creating A Marketing Strategy

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 07/19/2018

Identifying and then communicating the benefits that your business offers to your target market should be the purpose of your marketing strategy. The first step is to do an honest SWOT analysis, observing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. At this point, it is recommended to conduct market research on your existing customers; this can help you see the big picture of your reputation in the marketplace.

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Create Ads That Drive Sales

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 07/05/2018

Online advertising is a very efficient method for reaching the most significant number of people while investing in a small number of resources; furthermore, it helps you get potential clients to know your business and become interested in it at the same time. On the other hand, despite the online trend and the publicity around print declining, the number of print magazines in the US has grown in the last decade. People are still reading magazines, in doctors’ offices, on trains and especially on airplanes. Many people still prefer to hold paper as opposed to a mobile or a tablet. Most importantly, there are equally significant benefits to using both kinds of advertising for your business.

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Establishing Your Brand Identity Online

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 05/28/2018

Establishing your brand identity online   Your brand identity is not just about the aesthetic design of your logo, web design, and packaging, etc.  It is also about the way you do business; this may include your product's qualities and attributes, customer service, and overall the benefits and assets you provide as a business. If you can develop a brand identity for your business, and send a strong message to your customers on how their life is going to improve with your product or service, then that would make it easier for people to acknowledge you. Besides remembering who you are, your customers will be more likely to come back and choose you over your competition.   

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Why Is Your Website Losing Traffic and Sales?

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 05/21/2018

Why Is Your Website Losing Traffic and Sales?  This question contains one of the most common concerns. You may have an optimized product page on your entire site, but for some reason, people just aren’t visiting as regularly. After all, the end-goal for optimizing product pages is to appear in the top results of the lead search engine. Without visual elements such as high-quality images of your product or service, keywords relevant to the product's description in the page's title tags, customer testimonials, proper image spacing, consistent logo and branding placement; customers aren't as likely to convert. While driving traffic to your homepage is essential, it's undoubtedly more critical to get customers to your product pages, since they are the parts of your website that are doing the selling and converting visitors into buyers. These are some of the pitfalls you will need to avoid to prevent your site from losing traffic and sales:  1. Poor Product or Service Descriptions

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Five key elements to begin creating a great website

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 03/05/2018

There are five main components that go into creating a great website: a solid website layout, the right color scheme, great images, compelling web fonts, and simple navigation. All of these five elements must complement one another. That means that if you omit one, the entire web design will suffer.

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The importance of branding

dgstudio DESIGN & BRANDING | 02/23/2018

Venture Capitalist Mark Suster advises start-up companies, “If you don’t define your personal brand, the market will.” "I have long advised startup companies that if you don’t control your message, somebody else will, and your potential customers will form impressions 

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