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Category: marketing

The Pros And Cons of Outsourced Marketing vs In-House Marketing

dgstudio MARKETING | 08/12/2019

Every day we hear of CEOs and company executives debating whether to outsource their marketing or handle it in house. This is a serious decision as this is a long-term investment in your company, and effective marketing controls not only your company’s image and brand, but your traffic and sales.

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The art of brand positioning

dgstudio MARKETING | 09/13/2018

The look and feel that gives a style and tone to your business is just one aspect that helps you establish your brand identity and remain recognizable to your target market.

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Five things you must know about your customers

dgstudio MARKETING | 08/30/2018

The more you know about your target consumers, the more you understand them, and the better you can serve them.  Basic data such as age, gender, occupation, family status, and location can be processed, interpreted and organized to help you generate the necessary information, and a meaningful profile that tells you who your ideal customers are. However, it is essential to learn more details about them.    The following are five things you must know about your customers to understand their needs,  gain their trust and loyalty:   

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The Marketing Research Process

dgstudio MARKETING | 08/23/2018

Marketing research is crucial since it guides you to make better decisions for your business. This research can help you to gather information about your customer's needs and keep you informed about what your competitors are doing in your industry. Below, are five steps to follow during your Marketing Research Process: 

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Identifying Your Current Audience vs. Your Target Audience

dgstudio MARKETING | 08/16/2018

Targeting a specific audience does not mean excluding all the other ones. Instead, target marketing allows you to focus on a particular customer that is more likely to buy from you than others; this is a more efficient way to reach potential clients and generate business.

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Is your website attracting your desired audience?

dgstudio MARKETING | 08/09/2018

The most common problem for a brand new online business is attracting the ideal audience to its website which can translate into lack of traffic. To which we could say that the problem is not how much traffic you attract but if you are appealing to the correct one (your target audience). 

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Discover why your potential customers are leaving your site

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 07/26/2018

You have created what you consider a great website with all the best details in mind: a captivating copy, perfected product images, and overall a professional web design. And thanks to your marketing strategies, you’re getting traffic to your site. So, why is it that a large number of your visitors are not converting into leads and customers? Why are they leaving your site? Consider if you are making any of the following mistakes to cause visitors not to stick around:

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How to Generate Sales Through Online Marketing

dgstudio MARKETING, "Orientation" | 07/12/2018

In this modernized age, we are in a world that revolves around our online presence. If you own a business, then your presence online matters. Establishing a successful online presence can be achieved if you make yourself visible to your targeted users. In this digital world, online marketing is the only technique that takes care of that. Nowadays an infinite number of web design agencies are available that help to increase the online visibility of a brand. There are various forms of giving your business more online visibility, and some of them are specified below:

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Create Ads That Drive Sales

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 07/05/2018

Online advertising is a very efficient method for reaching the most significant number of people while investing in a small number of resources; furthermore, it helps you get potential clients to know your business and become interested in it at the same time. On the other hand, despite the online trend and the publicity around print declining, the number of print magazines in the US has grown in the last decade. People are still reading magazines, in doctors’ offices, on trains and especially on airplanes. Many people still prefer to hold paper as opposed to a mobile or a tablet. Most importantly, there are equally significant benefits to using both kinds of advertising for your business.

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Establishing Your Brand Identity Online

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 05/28/2018

Establishing your brand identity online   Your brand identity is not just about the aesthetic design of your logo, web design, and packaging, etc.  It is also about the way you do business; this may include your product's qualities and attributes, customer service, and overall the benefits and assets you provide as a business. If you can develop a brand identity for your business, and send a strong message to your customers on how their life is going to improve with your product or service, then that would make it easier for people to acknowledge you. Besides remembering who you are, your customers will be more likely to come back and choose you over your competition.   

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