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Category: marketing

Understanding Your Customer's Buying Process

dgstudio MARKETING | 05/24/2018

Your customers' buying process describes a set of steps they take before making a final decision for a purchase. Understanding your customers' decision process will help you position your sales strategy accordingly. First introduced by John Dewey in 1910, the five stages provide a general framework of an individual's journey from considering a need for a product to then evaluating the experience after the purchase of the product or service has been made.

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Why Is Your Website Losing Traffic and Sales?

dgstudio MARKETING, DESIGN & BRANDING | 05/21/2018

Why Is Your Website Losing Traffic and Sales?  This question contains one of the most common concerns. You may have an optimized product page on your entire site, but for some reason, people just aren’t visiting as regularly. After all, the end-goal for optimizing product pages is to appear in the top results of the lead search engine. Without visual elements such as high-quality images of your product or service, keywords relevant to the product's description in the page's title tags, customer testimonials, proper image spacing, consistent logo and branding placement; customers aren't as likely to convert. While driving traffic to your homepage is essential, it's undoubtedly more critical to get customers to your product pages, since they are the parts of your website that are doing the selling and converting visitors into buyers. These are some of the pitfalls you will need to avoid to prevent your site from losing traffic and sales:  1. Poor Product or Service Descriptions

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The Importance of SEO Optimized Content

dgstudio MARKETING | 05/15/2018

  The process of optimizing a web page and its content, so it can easily be found by users searching for terms related to your website is called Search Engine Optimization. SEO's objective is also the process of making web pages more accessible for search engine indexing software, which allows the finding, scanning, and indexing of your site. An optimized SEO brings short and long-term benefits for your website. Online visibility is considered a short-term benefit that is acquired after you focus on keyword optimization, site structure, content description, customer reviews and social media integration among other aspects. Constant online visibility allows you to obtain an excellent SEO ranking, this meaning that clients can easily find your product/service. Additionally, it makes your brand more visible this way enabling brand positioning.

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Creating a Marketing Strategy

dgstudio MARKETING | 03/05/2018

Identifying and then communicating the benefits that your business offers to your target market should be the purpose of your marketing strategy.  The first step is to do an honest SWOT analysis, observing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. At this point,  it is recommended to conduct market research on your existing customers; this can help you see the big picture of your reputation in the marketplace.

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Search Engine Optimization

dgstudio MARKETING | 03/02/2018

SEO is an essential process that helps you increase the number of searches on your website and as a consequence potentialize possible clients. Positioning in Google, one of the top global search engines is one of the objectives when using SEO. Several factors play an important role in web positioning, some of them are optimization of HTML code, an optimized web design for desktop and mobile devices,  the identification of the right keywords and original web content. Furthermore,  unique and well-developed content is part of the SEO process that affects the online visibility of a website or webpage in a web search engine’s results.   

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What is SEO?

dgstudio MARKETING | 02/23/2018

SEO is an essential tool to increase the number of searches on a particular website. Therefore it also allows potentializing clients. As mentioned before, its use simplifies the decision-making process of the buyer. Likewise, it also reduces transaction’s time for both the buyers and the producers (companies offering a product or service) which translates into lowering of costs for both. Not to mention the short term and long term benefits that SEO provides them. Such as the buyer or client fulfilling his/her personalized needs after a brief search online because SEO serves as a guide by providing online visibility of the product or service that the buyer is searching for; resulting as a short-term benefit. By meeting the client’s needs, 

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Optimize your website

dgstudio MARKETING | 12/19/2017

What is SEO?

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Why A Marketing Plan Is Important

dgstudio MARKETING | 12/06/2017

Marketing is a fundamental part of the growth of a business. And every business owner dreams of seeing his/her company grow. Dreams are just dreams, but goals are dreams with a plan and a deadline. And because we want you and your business to succede, we have listed the following goals you should accomplish as part of you marketing plan for your business.

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